Friday, April 8, 2011

Alien on Jupiter

My alien lives on Jupiter.  He's flat like a waffle cause there's too much gravity.  Even his eyes is flat 'n they're real big 'n they glow so he can see through all the clouds.  He's got like a zillyun flipper things so he can sorta paddle through all the gas 'n liquid cause he can sorta half fly 'n half swim.  His mouth's on the bottom  so he can suck in all the liquid 'n he eats somethin' in that cep I ain't know what.  But he's gotta be careful not to get near the big red storm cause he'll get like sucked in 'n shot out like a cannonball 'n then he'd get all tore up 'n prolly suffocate or drown or get his legs ripped off or somethin'.  So he gotta paddle round it 'n ain't better get too close.

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