Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Wolf

Alex T. Wolf
1 Fairy Tale Place

Oh my Alex,

See now, sonny, I tole you not to go tryin' to do nothin' special for me on my birthday!  It'us so sweet of you to make me that cake, espeshully since you been down with that pewmonya 'n all, but really you ain't shoulda!  'n now my pore granboy got hisself in JAIL!  I knew those pigs was trouble the moment you tole me they were movin' in.  You shoulda moved over to my neighborhood when that house went up for rent down the block.  'Magine buildin' houses outta straw 'n sticks...why they'll bring the property value right down! 'n now thanks to those nasty pigs, there's been all that crime in the neighborhood, 'n my pore baby got throwed in jail.  I always tole you to be careful what you eat, 'n you ain't never should eat food that's been left out, you ain't know where it's been after all.

I hope you're staying warm, 'n that they're givin' you some medicine for that cold.  I'll tell them to give you a extra blanket so you ain't get any sicker 'n that they better be feedin' you three squares a day.  I'm sure we'll get this straightened out real soon so you can get back out.  But next time darling just bring me part of a pig, that's just as nice as a cake after all.  Take care.


Granny Wolf

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