Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lil Golden Hood

Well, that goldie girl's mom was way more pacific than ole red's mom.  She tole her it was kinda like a test to see if she could get to her gram's all by herself 'n then she tole her you ain't sposed to play around or talk to no one or nothin' 'n you gotta hurry up 'n get movin'.  Plus I guess that storyteller was bored of the story cause he hadda go 'n make the kid some like real perfect, gorgeous kid.  That was kinda stupid; everyone knows the pretty ones get ate the fastest.  They're worse though cause they make goldie look way dumber cause she straight up ain't done what she was sposed to do 'n you gotta be slicker'n that if you're gonna break the rules else you're gonna get caught.

I dunno if I liked the end cause ain't no one should not get ate when they too stupid to stay livin' but I liked this story way finer than the other one.  I wish I had me a magic hat like that one so's I could punch some kid 'n then they try to punch me back 'n bust their hand.  That'ud be so funny.  Plus I like the part where Gram went woopin' on that ole wolf 'n drowned 'im cause she got some guts baggin' that dude like that.  I betcha my gram's like that too cep she ain't drown no wolves cause where she's from, the wolves ain't mean.  Betcha she could drown a troll though! 

I wanna read the one where red kicks the wolf's butt stead'a bein' all wimpy 'n stuff.  That'ud be a great story.

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