Friday, February 18, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Well, I dunno.  Seems like Red oughta be able to walk to her gram's by herself, specially if she been there before. Course some kids ain't got no street smarts 'n they ain't never seem to learn em neither.  My sister 'n me take care'a ourselves lots 'n she still ain't sposed to walk home from school by herself cause she ends up kidnapped or somethin'.  So maybe her mom oughta know that 'n she ain't shoulda let her go by herself cause she oughta know her kid ain't got no savvy on her own.

Well, this story's way older so this was prolly how it used to end 'n Red got hers for bein' bad.  But grownups figure kids can't handle them real gruesome stories where people get ate or dragged around in barrels of nails or hafta dance in red hot shoes so they been changin' em now so they got happy endings.  So now the hunter ain't got no gun, he's got a axe 'n he chops the wolf open 'n somehow the wolf swallowed her 'n granny whole so they come out just fine 'n Red ain't stupid about strangers no more.  Course the wolf's still dead either way, maybe next time they'll change it so the wolf just gets sat on or kicked in the butt til he gotta cough em back up 'n then they'll all go have tea.

I like the chinese one better cause the kids was stayin home takin' care'a themselves 'n when the wolf tricked em into letting him in, they caught onto him 'n tricked him into climbin' a tree 'n fallin' so then he got all smushed to pieces 'n they went back to bed.  That's what I'da done cause them chinese kids got the smarts 'n they can take care'a themselves real fine.

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